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Digiteens March break camp is for students to practice and improve essential skills to succeed as future entrepreneurs.


1) Design Thinking and Innovative Decision Making

2) Programming through Robotics, Engineering and Science

3) Visual Design Skills

4) Artificial Intelligence, Shaping the Future World!

Organized into two groups: (9-11 years old) - (12-15 years old)

Day 1: Design Thinking and Innovative Decision Making

Students practice innovative problem-solving skills and design thinking process through the path of thinking/prototyping/testing/building their own ideas.

  1. Students choose a project of their interest among several given projects and games (that are designed using drag & drop programming interface). They team up, design and build a product as a real-world application of their project given a list of materials provided to them. The designed product is the outcome of students’ first imaginary startup, based on which they will practice entrepreneurship skills in Digiteens camp!

  2. Students also participate in two fun robotics activities.


Day 2: Programming through Robotics, Engineering and Science

Students practice programming and technical skills by means of Robotics and Engineering through implementing applications of math, physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.

  1. Student practice programming concepts through drag & drop interface using several motorized robots and drones.  Also, by mixing different concepts in Math, Physics and knowledge of Solar System, students design and build a solar-powered robot (and a sun tracker in 12-15 years old program). Students also enjoy DigiTeens Chemistry and Physics lab with several interesting experiments!

Day 3: Visual and Game Design Skills

An essential part of being an entrepreneur is how to represent ideas in a visual way. Students practice game and graphic design skills to improve their visual design skills and imagination.

  1. Students practice basics of graphic design and create their own websites (to advertise their products built in day 1). They also learn how to visualize their ideas and startup’s missions, logo, business cards, etc.

  2. Students enjoy programming and playing a simple game!

Day 4: Artificial Intelligence, Shaping the Future World!

Students learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping future careers. Some real-world applications of AI in different fields as Computer Science and Biology will be described and practiced.

  1. Student practice AI through creating a game (using Scratch (9-11 years old)/ Python (12-15 years old)) which gets smarter as they play. This project combines almost all techniques students learn in DigiTeens March break camp!




March 11-14  9:00 am- 4:00 pm

Tuition is $330 (including HST)

Limited Space. Book early as only a few spots are left!


-No background knowledge or prior experience of Programming, Robotics and Engineering is required.

-We are proud of having 4 skilled instructors with more than 10 years of experience during the camp (with 1 assistant for each teacher per group).

-Every student is given a desktop computer and a workstation.


-Camp tuition covers two refreshments per day (juice and snack).

-10% discount on siblings (or group registrations)

-Pizza lunch option available: additional $7 per day.

-Early drop-off and/ late pickup option available for free: 8:00am -5:00pm.


Interested in the March Break Camp?

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