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What is BCC and why is it important?!

Video clip is proudly brainstormed and designed  by our students during summer tech camp

Have fun while lunching your first Startup in one week!!

What is BCC?  


  The Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) introduces computer science to students. It is designed to get students with little or no previous experience excited about computing. The BCC is a problem-solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking. Questions are inspired by topics in computer science but only require comfort with concepts found in mathematics curriculum common to all provinces.        

Why should I practice for BCC?       

  Technology goes beyond mere tool making. people who become a good programmer or computer sciences started their path in elementary school. If you want to become a programmer in the future or if you are interested in learning more about computer science and explore this world, this course is for you. The material that you will learn in this course is teaching in the first year of university, so you will be ahead of other people of your age.           

What made DigiTeens BCC program unique?


  In DigiTeens we focus on the main idea of each problem and teach you this idea. You will get a chance to explore the real world of Computer Science and learn cool stuff. After learning the key concepts of each problem, you can combine these ideas and make your algorithm. If you are a big fan of AI, Cybersecurity or Robotics,  you will fall in love with this course.        

Can BCC improve my application for the University?  


  Since BCC is an exam for middle school, it will not improve your university application directly. However, if you are comfortable with the material in this course you can participate in the CCC contest, which is the level after BCC. A good mark in CCC would improve your university application. We also offer training courses for CCC, feel free to check them.        

Can these course help me in my school courses?


  One of the key concepts of this course is to teach you how to think about a problem and develop your problem-solving skills. As a result, it will help you to learn better and faster in your school courses.         

Who can attend BCC?

"Students in Grade 6 or below are eligible for the Grade 5/6 BCC.
Students in Grade 8 or below are eligible for the Grade 7/8 BCC.
Students in Grade 10 or below are eligible for the Grade 9/10 BCC."        


Organized into two groups: 8-12 & 12-15 yrs old

Download the general summer camp description: here

Special Discounts:  

%15 discount for 3 camps registration  (promo code "Digi-sum3")

%20 discount for 4 camps registration  (promo code "Digi-sum4")

%30  discount for 8 camps registration or more  (promo code "Digi-sum8")

10 weeks (July-August)  9:00 am- 4:00 pm

Tuition: $380 (including HST)

-No background knowledge or prior experience of Programming, Robotics and Engineering is required.

-Four educated and industry professional instructors with more than 10 years of teaching and work experience (+ 1 assistant/3 students).

-Every student is given a desktop computer and a workstation.

-Camp tuition covers two refreshments per day (juice and snack).

-10% discount on siblings (or group registrations)

-Pizza lunch option available: additional $7 per day.

-Early drop-off and late pickup option available: additional $40 (8:00am -5:00pm)

Want to find out more on Summer Camp?

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 Tel:  6476091080

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