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  • Designed for 7 to 15+ yrs old students

  • 5 sessions per program ($100)

  • Flexible time (1.5 hour per day  from 10:00am-3:00pm)

  • Limited space. If you have a preferred time call us today!

  • One take home project per each session 

3D Game Design Sample Project (Shooting Ball Game) 

What Students Learn  

- Design Thinking and Innovative Decision Making

- Programming through Virtual Robotics, Engineering and Science

- Graphic and Game Design

- Artificial Intelligence

as well as the most important Entrepreneurship Skills as critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and marketing!


What Students Create (in each program):

Game and Animation Design:

2D or 3D game which combines 2D/3D graphic design and animation design with coding and design thinking. Sample projects: Pac-Mac, SpaceX rocket, Bouncing Ball, Multiplayer shooting game with real AI enemies, Zombie game with real AI zombies

Coding and Robotics:

Design and code virtual robots. Sample projects: Pac-man robot, Soccer league, Battle bot, Factory bot. 

Artificial Intelligence:

Learn "Artificial Intelligence" concepts through designing smart games in which agents and objets get smarter as game goes! Students learn how to collect, generate and save real data (numbers, text, image, video) and use the collected data for training their objects and agents in their games. 

Entrepreneurship Skills: Digi-kids and Digi-Teens are Digi-Entrepreneurs!

At the end of each program, students can create a simple website (with Wix) and practice how to promote their projects with their own designed Startup logo and business cards! The most innovative teams and ideas have a chance to win scholarships and be nominated to participate in nationwide and worldwide competitions from our industry professional partners and collaborators as the First Institute of Canadian Inventors (FiCi), Professional IT Occupation Network (PITON), as well as  the engineering department at the University of Toronto.

Science and Math

Materials covered in each program are based on the most important math and science topics covered in each grade's curriculum at schools such that students can practice their school-level materials as well as enjoying a variety of interesting topics and projects.

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