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Good Decision Making Skills for Teens


DigiTeens Brain  

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Proudly designed by our students in March break camp!

-Improve student’s entrepreneurship skills 
-Motivate and inspire students 
-Help youths improve and exhibit their innovation

We are here to

-Innovative desicion-making

-Artificial intelligence in future world 

-Team working and leadership

-Branding and visual design

-Experimental skills

With focus on

About Us

Our Mission

DigiTeens' mission is to help students improve and exhibit their innovation and entrepreneurship skills to flex their creative muscles and succeed as tomorrow’s entrepreneurs who play a great role in shaping Canada’s future!

Our experienced researchers have proposed three programs of:

 Art of Innovation 

 Art of Programming 

 Digital Arts

through which we guide and support students to succeed as future innovators with focus on: Robotics, Design Thinking, Engineering, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Branding, Marketing Skills and Team working!   


This is a long-term plan designed for students of ages 7 to 15+ based on the course materials covered in Canadian schools' curriculum. In this way students not only practice the application of what they learn at school, but also learn essential entrepreneurship and innovative thinking skills.


Our educated and  industry professionals team is consisting of experts with PhD and MSc degrees from Universities of Toronto & Waterloo and Ryerson University with background in engineering, computer science and health with several years of teaching experience. Our team is young, enthusiastic, fun and full of energy, to provide an interactive, fun, safe and unique learning environment. In our facilities we are using newest technologies and provide every student with a computer to make sure they all get the education they need. Also as safety matters, all our staff is first-aid and CPR certified! 


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707-7191 Yonge St. (World on Yonge), L3T0C4

647 7252782- 647 8627897 

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