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Art of Innovation 



Art of Innovation is DigiTeens’ special program designed by our skilled researchers to help students improve and exhibit their innovation and entrepreneurship skills through: Robotics, Innovative decision-making, Programming, Engineering, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable energies, Marketing and more! This is a long-term plan designed for students of ages 7 to 15+ to flex their creative muscles as future entrepreneurs who can play a great role in shaping Canada’s future!

This course is designed  for each grade based on the most important topics in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology covered in Canadian Schools' Curriculum. Students will not only practice the topics they have learned in school, but also understand the concepts and practice the processes they must learn to apply what they have learned. 

The main and long-term goal behind the art of innovation program is to help and guide students find their area of interest as their future carriers, and support them discover and improve their talents and ideas to reach this goal. 

As the final project of this program, students put all the materials covered in the course and designed projects to build a smart house!


The topics covered in the "Art of Innovation" program includes:

-Design your own robots for applications of topics covered in school 

-Learn how to design and program drones for smart monitoring

-Practical applications of Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry   

-Exploring solar system with their real-life applications 

-Design robots to experiment renewable energies

In addition to the aforementioned topics, as Canada is the leader in Artificial Intelligence, the art of innovation program focuses on the most practical applications of AI in future systems as one of the main focuses of DigiTeens Creative Thinking Academy!  


Digi-Teens’ Art of Innovation program is divided into the following three sub-courses based on students’ interests which focus more on :



The main Art of Innovation course (suggested by Digi’Teens team which combines all the required techniques and tools).


Follows the Art of Innovation’s program mission with a focus on Robotics and Computer Science!

12-15 Years

Interested in the Art of Innovation program?

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